• Bandoneon bellows

    Built entirely with new materials, our bellows are custom made to fit each instrument, giving thus the best results. We offer a wide variety of colours and designs in our catalogue. We use the traditional materials and procedures, as to obtain high quality, beauty and comfort. This is why we manufacture each and every piece…

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  • Tuning

    We tune each instrument bringing the best out of it, in terms of volume, quality and colour. In Fuelles del Sur we believe that tuning an instrument means not only adjusting its pitch, but customizing it to produce the best musical results. We use traditional materials.

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  • Bandoneons

    We make a point out of selling bandoneons at its best. This way our buyers wont have to invest any extra money for a long time. Thats why we offer free of charge maintenence every certain period of time.

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